my daily blog favorites

My absolute favorite way to start the day is by first and foremost, praying followed by sipping a steaming cup of coffee and reading through blogs. It has a way of wakening me to the world—both literally (caffeine) and figuratively (feeling connected to what’s going on in others’ lives). I follow all sorts of blogs, on all sorts of topics—lifestyle, fashion, food, spirituality—and I figured, why hoard them to myself?

Thus, I give you my all-time favorite daily reads from the blogosphere, plus a little description about what they’re about…

#1 Darling Magazine is set on redefining femininity; challenging unrealistic ideals women are held to, and providing deeper wisdom and advice to women who long for more in life.

#2 She Has Worth was founded by Coleen York for the purpose of helping women and young girls discover what God has placed within them. Reminding that God created our feminine heart and the only expectations we need to strive towards are His.

#3 Heather Lindsey is the founder of Pinky Promise and a mentor to thousands of women all around the world. Her posts are raw, and transparent. She writes about everything from, marriage to single life to healthy eating, and her first love Jesus is in every refreshing post.

#4 Know Your Value is the official blog of Wonderfully Made. They post content daily from our talented team of contributors on a variety of topics, including worth, body image, causes, dating & relationships, photography and scripture. This blog is a place of truth, a place of fun, and a place to enjoy being a girl!

#5 Jarrid Wilson Just a guy who is trying to share the love of Jesus to the world. His daily posts are made to empower, encourage, and inspire you to deepen your walk with Christ.


Are any of these new to you? Which one is your favorite (or looks like it might become your new favorite)?


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