10 thoughts for september

I really can’t believe it’s September. The summer went so fast, especially August.  Now we’re in the midst of school, football season, cooler weather and generally winding down from the summer and prepping ourselves for winter. I was inspired my so many blogs that have started a 10 Thoughts from Whole Living series. So I decided to start my own 10 Thoughts series and share which ones relate to my life at the moment.

#1 Big steps. Baby steps. As long as we’re headed in the right direction, they’re all good. I may not be going at the same pace as someone else, and it causes me to get discouraged at times. I tend to be a little hard on myself, pushing myself to the breaking point. This thought is reminder for me, that as long as we are headed in the same direction—i’m all good!

#5 Sure, life is a juggling act. Just remember juggling is meant to be entertaining. Life is a juggling act. Especially when juggling marriage, a teenager and toddler twins! Yes, pray for me. And although life is crazy trying to keep up with cleaning, laundry, diaper changing and cooking—It’s amazing what a little worship music can do. God created us women to juggle all these things with grace and peace in Him. So when things get a little nutty around here I cry out to my Father in prayer and do like David and dance!

#6 Maybe it’s time to think less about “superfoods” and more about super everyday eating habits. This thought makes me think about dieting, which is a nasty little habit too many women engage in, in my opinion. When we obsess over eating perfectly, we fail; however, when we seek a permanent lifestyle change that leads to wellness, we improve ourselves from the inside out. While I’m tempted to think more about what I’m eating, it’s much more important to think about how I’m eating.

#9 We may have left the classroom behind, but we’re still in favor of assigned reading—self-assigned, that is. I love reading. I love how it makes me feel smarter and more interesting after reading a great book. Aside from my Bible that I read daily, I am reading a great book called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver and I hope to spend more time this coming fall finishing it with the book study questions as well.

Do any of these thoughts relate to anything in your life today? How so?


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