getting rid of your extra baggage

So many of us bring a lot of excess baggage into our relationships or marriage. Hurt, anger, a lack of understanding of what true love is, a wrong attitude toward sex, and a low self-image, brokenness, or even past hurts in our present relationship. Because of this, many marriages are doomed from the start. They’re actually time bombs ready to go off! Mark it down, excess baggage will weigh your marriage down in some way, shape, or form (trust me I know). And, honestly, is it really fair to blame our spouse for someone else’s mistakes?

A lot of times, when couples start to feel the effects of the baggage that’s weighing down their relationship or marriage, they feel that the answer and quick-fix is to throw the marriage away, however, the real answer is to throw the baggage out. As a matter of fact, one of the problems with not dealing with the baggage is that people tend to just take their excess baggage on to the next relationship. Because of this reason, there are people on their 4th and 5th marriage that still think they have not found the right person! If they would have initially dealt with the excess baggage in their life, they may still be on their first marriage.

We need to break this cycle of resentment, hurt and anger and let Christ begin to to do a work in us and our hearts.

Looking back now, I realize I never let God in to heal me. Instead I jumped from one relationship to the next searching for healing and all I found was more hurt to add on to the past hurt.

Only Christ can do that radical change in us. Only He can restore us. Our Restorer clearly tells us in Joel 2, “I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten” (v. 25). As Christians, God has “called us to settle our relationships with each other” (2 Cor 5:18).

Pray! Ask God to show you how much is your fault. Stop attacking your man and start attacking the problem! Speak life into your relationship and get rid of that extra baggage.

Give it all to Jesus today. Lay it all at His feet and experience true supernatural healing, and restoration that ONLY He can give.


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