be yourself

I really loved this short post called Identity at Thoughts By Natalie. So many of us look to our career, our big house or new car to find our identity. But we will never know who we are until we know who Jesus Christ is. Our identity is found in Christ who is eternal, not material things that are only temporary. When you get a chance you should check out her blog. It is so inspiring and refreshing. Enjoy!

I am not (my relationships)
I am not (my training/degree)
I am not (my job)
I am not (my gifts)
I am not (my failures)

Here’s my personal Prayer of Identity:

I am not a girlfriend, daughter, grandchild, future wife or mentor.
I am not a communications expert.
I am not a college ministry intern, writer, speaker or tutor.
I am not intelligent, funny, organized, insightful or passionate.
I am not envious, judgemental, selfish, controlling or impatient.
I am none of these.
I am a naked soul clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

Who are you? What makes you, YOU?


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